To me there is nothing more interesting than the experiences of others. From each person there is inspiration, experience and lessons that we can all benefit from. 

Here I'll be sharing some of mine. From Estate Agent, to Student Advisor. From living at home to being a home owner. The ins and outs of securing a mortgage. The highs and the lows and just trying to figure out my own personal strengths. I explore it all. I'm happy to share it all, because one thing I know for sure is life is not easy. But if any of my stories and knowledge can help someone else? then nothing has happened in vain.

Some of my greatest property lessons learnt from years in the trade. Some lifestyle habits that have got me through the toughest of times, Some Recipes that I like to throw together but most importantly some Inspiration where you think none can be found.

Happy Viewing.

Natel ♡