Kojic Acid Soap: The Real



Well this one is a bit personal for me. I've had a long history of cystic acne. It started off with a few spots over a small period of time when I was about 16/17. It was so minor but my lovely mum insisted I took a trip to the doctors. I left with some topical solution and it helped with the spots I did have, but new ones just kept erupting.

By the time I was leaving University it was just getting progressively worse. Now I will definitely admit. I am a sucker for picking at spots. If it pains me or I see a little white head. I would squeeze it all out and dab some dettol or the topical solution on it. But then came the scars, I had tiny little dark dots all over my face. At first they kind of looked like freckles so I just got on with life as usual. Eventually it got worse. The acne got to the point that I wouldn't even touch the growing sore lumps but I'd be left with a large dark scar either way.

At this point, after trying Minocycline (Some sort of antibiotic which made basically no difference) and several back and forth visits. The doctor finally referred me to a dermatologist to take Roaccutane (Isotretinoin or Accutane in the US). Now this drug was a blessing and curse all at once. It cleared my Acne and gave my skin a chance to heal. It also dried my lips out and made my already fine hair, brittle and oh so dry. 

Now in the run up to taking Roaccutane, I had been looking at alternative treatments, and after over-exfoliating my forehead and being left with a large butterfly shaped discolouration. I was looking for anything that would bring my discoloured brown skin back to the glowing brown it once was.

Kojic Acid Soap


o I first discovered this after watching a Youtube video (as all first great discoveries are made) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IjQyQrLFE8 I was fascinated and did my research on where to buy the soaps. In my list I came down to 2 options.

1. Marie France Kojic Acid Soap - $14.99 (https://store.mariefranceinternational.com/product-p/kojicsoap.htm)

2. Kojie San Soap - £14.99 for a large pack of 6 (Usually brought from EBay)

I decided to try them both, the first worked well. but was just too expensive to really sustain, especially when Kojie San also worked well. 

Now it is important to note, I used this alongside my Roaccutane,  therefore a combination helped to keep my skin clear.



It took several months. One of the Most common questions i'm asked is how long does it take. I'd say a minimum of 6 months of consistent use. And believe me. I was consistent! Anything to clear up that discolouration. The Roaccutane did prevent the formation of new spots during that time. Therefore I was able to have such an amazing result in that time. But I still use it consistently as I feel it really does cleanse my skin.


Natel Allen