NHC18: Top 10 Frontline Costumes

With so many options it's hard to decide. I've picked out some personal favourites with some Costs, Pros and Cons. Right-Click and open in a new tab to see the full options available for each mas band



1. Chocolate Nation Mas - Cost: £550 | Pros: Amazing Costumes, Large Band, Good Organisation. Good Vibes, Variety of Options | Cons: Doesn’t Include Sunday

2.UCOM - Cost: £300-£695 (Depending on Options) | Pros: Large Band, Includes Sunday, Stunning Costumes | Cons: Expensive if you choose all options, Registrations early. Best ones sold out in March

3.Blossom Concepts - Cost: £250 |Pros: Reasonably Priced, Includes Sunday, Edgy | Cons: Lacks Traditional Bright Colours

4.Island Mas UK - Cost: £455 |Pros: Includes Sunday Package, Best Priced of the Frontline, Nice Colours | Cons: Premium

5.Trinity Design Collective - Cost: £335 | Pros: 5 Different Styles, Price slightly less than other premium bands | Cons: Not sure if Sundays included, Large Headpiece may be a bit much all day

6. Karnival Mania  Cost: £430 | Pros: All inclusive band, Price slightly less than other premium bands | Cons: Large Headpiece may be a bit much all day

7. Bacchanalia - Cost: From £550 | Pros: Extravagant, Butterfly design Nice Colours | Cons: Premium, Not sure if Sunday is included

8. Mas With a Difference-  Cost: £385 | Pros: Best Priced Frontline, Feathers in 3 Different Styles | Cons: Monday Only

9. Ebony Mas - Cost: £280 | Pros: Best Priced Frontline | Cons: No Website, Frontline kind of looks like some of the backline

10.Caribbean Session Mas - Cost: From £380 | Pros: Well Priced Frontline, Free access to Thank you Party | Cons: Max Bra Size 38E