London, We're Listening... Napoleon Kay


At a time where the London music scene is getting bigger and bigger and making a name for itself outside of the UK. It really is a key moment in time for listeners to appreciate homegrown UK talent. Finally our music seems to be getting the recognition and radio play that it truly deserves. What I love most about the UK is the way we show support for our artists. For real, I can't have been the only one who wanted to chuck something at Charlemagne when he tried to undermine Michael Dapaah. But the importance of lifting our own is everything and London is definitely listening for the next big thing. 

So when I first heard of Napoleon Kay, I thought great, another South London rapper with a mixtape. I almost did an internal eye roll. But actually when you understand someones passion and you can hear it through their music, All you want to do is listen on and hear their story. In the song "Karma" Napoleon Kay is definitely telling a story, alongside a beat that wouldn't be missing from an underground Trap club. He talks about how he doesn't want any drama and certainly no bad Karma. He uses autotune to sound an incredibly catchy chorus which I promise you will follow you round all day. 

I have to say, what I appreciated most was the diversity of the music available on Napoleon's EP  adaptly named 'Rose Gold' (Available now on Itunes). His lead single due to be released 'Good Enough' takes you away from the club to a much more real and authentic feel. With the guitar backing, alongside the talented vocals of Breana Marin it makes for the perfect story telling track. Napoleon takes us back to the start of his story and talks about his life growing up and the fight we all face when trying to make our lives good enough so that we can move forward despite what gets thrown our way.

Truly a worthy message and one that London should be listening to..